Santa Claus

The North Pole’s Chief Procurement Officer

12 December 2023


Welcome to IPS Connect Coffee Chats, Christmas edition! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re here to spread some holiday cheer while diving into interesting procurement talks. So, grab your favourite festive beverage, cozy up by the virtual fireplace, and let’s explore the fascinating world of procurement during this merry season.

So, you think you’re at the top of the game in the procurement profession? Think twice – Santa Claus reigns as the ultimate procurement professional (with a festive twist, of course!).

As we approach the festive season, it’s important to remember that our efforts are incomparable to one individual. While we prepare for office parties and holiday festivities, this person is gearing up for their most significant moment of the year.

They are fully equipped and ready. Not only do they possess the skills of a top-notch procurement professional, but they also fulfill all the wishes and promises made. Yes, we’re talking about Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Papa Noel, Jolly Old St. Nick.

Of course, there are other exceptional procurement professionals out there. However, when it comes to a festive setting, there’s no one quite like Santa Claus to get the job done. Here’s why:

Santa Never Fails to Meet the Exact Specifications:

He works tirelessly alongside children, parents, his trusty team of elves, and even Mrs. Claus, making sure that every detail is perfect. It’s no wonder that children consistently receive exactly what they dream of year after year. Santa truly grasps the importance of understanding his beloved customers and effectively conveying their desires to his merry manufacturing department, led by his team of dedicated elves.

Santa’s Logistics Operation Is Simply Unparalleled:

With an estimated global population of 8 billion, including an estimated 2 billion children, Santa has the enormous task of visiting 2 billion homes. And if each child receives 2 presents, that’s a mind-boggling 4 billion gifts to be delivered.

But fear not, because Santa has it all figured out. With a rate of 166.7 million presents per hour, or a staggering 2.7 million presents per minute, Santa’s team of 9 reindeer and his trusty sleigh make it all possible. Thanks to the best logistics division and the latest technology, every single present is delivered to the right child. It’s a true Christmas miracle!

Belief, Influence, Leadership:

Santa has a level of influence that would make any procurement leader jealous. He has a whole team of magical, semi-magical, and ordinary folks who willingly follow his lead. They work tirelessly throughout the year, all for that one special day, and then they start prepping for the next year almost right away.

One important aspect of Santa’s leadership is belief. We all know (or at least we should) that Santa’s sleigh and reindeer can’t fly without the belief in him and the Christmas spirit. And since he never misses a delivery to your house, it’s clear that this belief is still going strong!

Santa Is Like a Master Negotiator:

Santa is always getting the best deals. I mean, he’s not some crazy rich guy who can afford to spend a ton of money on toys and materials every year, right?

He must be running some seriously efficient request for quotations (RFQs) or have some killer negotiating skills to source all those toys without going broke.

And here’s the best part: Santa doesn’t pass on any of those cost increases to his customers. He works his magic to keep costs.

Santa Takes His Nice-Naughty List to The Next Level with Blockchain Technology!

Santa has taken the Nice-Naughty List to a whole new level by putting it on blockchain. I mean, how else can you create a record that’s completely traceable and can’t be changed? Santa needs to be able to trust that he has accurate information on who’s been naughty and nice, without any chance of it being tampered with. Plus, it’s a great way for him to ensure that all the sourcing he does for toys is ethical and sustainable.

So, if you’re thinking about a procurement profession in 2024, you might want to take a page out of Santa’s book. And hey, even if procurement isn’t your thing, at least you can learn from Santa’s positive outlook on life. Ho, Ho, Ho!